American Gladiators are Back!

Grow out your mullet, American Gladiators are back!  The corny television show from the early 90s consisted of contestants and “Gladiators” wearing tight spandex and competing against one another in some of the most outrageous stunts outside of a B-movie.  The 2008 edition of the show is hosted by former professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali (Muhammad Ali’s daughter).   What surprised me most about the show (besides the fact how ridiculously dated it is) was the fact that I recognized one of the Gladiators.

 Gina Carano is known as Crush on American Gladiators but I recognized her from somewhere else.  She is one of the most famous female mixed martial artists in the world.  While some may say her looks get her all the attention, her pro-record is 5-0 which shows she can hold her own.


    She could kick your ass.


2 Responses to American Gladiators are Back!

  1. says:

    Wow… I had no idea she could fight… I just thought the women on this show were all body builders – you know – all muscle but no fighting skill. I watched an episode a couple of weeks back and boy did I get tired watching (from my couch 🙂 ). Contestants have to really go though allot to do well. You might like my post entitled, “Woman Muy Tai Fighter Beat Man!” at because the Dutch woman is bad!

    Great info.

    John W. Zimmer

  2. fouledout says:

    she is pretty. i kinda like her. but i don’t watch american gladiators. haha!

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