Angry Video Game Nerd


How can you not love a video which intro song includes the lyrics “He’s gonna take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass”?  In this video series the Angry Video Game Nerd reviews video games that, well, suck ass. 

As a kid who grew up with Nintendo I can’t help but sympathize with the Nerd in how awful some of the game were.  My personal favorite is the video on the NES Power Glove.  Many kids were in awe of this piece of hardware and for many of them the first time they saw it was in the horrible movie “The Wizard“.   While it looked cool at the time, looking back on it I want to punch the kid in the face who uses it in the movie.  Not only because he is trying to look cool in a typical 80s fashion but because he fooled thousands of kids into thinking the Power Glove actually worked.

I used the Power Glove and I agree with everything the Nerd says in the video.  Except I’m not as funny and not as vulgar. 

This is definitely NSFW due to language.  But it’s funny.  


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