Lucky Louie


Every once in a while a tv show comes along that I end up loving but it only lasts one or two seasons.  Wonderfalls and Twin Peaks are two examples of these shows that only lasted a few seasons.  Unfortunately I did not watch either of them until they were cancelled and available on dvd. 

Lucky Louie on the otherhand, I watched from the very first episode and was really bummed out when it was cancelled.  Starring comedian Louis CK, Pamela Adlon, Jim Norton, Rick Shapiro and Jerry Minor, it was an honest and real comedy show.  It was not well received by critics which I wouldn’t mind except that many of them had the same complaint about the show: there was too much profanity and it was vulgar.  I would understand if critics said it was not funny as humor is a subjective thing.  However, this show aired on HBO which is known for pushing the limits on television shows and most of its viewers know that.  Critics have praised other HBO shows such as Deadwood, Oz and Sex and the City which between the three contain violence, graphic language, and nudity (both male and female).  Personally I find this a somewhat hypocritical excuse by the critics in saying why they didn’t like the show.  This played a role in why the show was cancelled after one season.

I enjoy the show because it seems real to me.  A married couple who hates each other, have problems with their sex life, have a bratty kid and money problems.  It’s too bad it only lasted one season. 

Once again this is NSFW due to language and subject matter some may find offensive.  If you enjoyed it, check out other clips on YouTube or buy the dvd. 


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