Self Defense


 As a student who has done some education practicums where I have been in a classroom, I have often wondered how effective and beneficial teaching a self defense class for students would be.  Although I take Muay Thai kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts classes I am no way capable of teaching students such things.  Instead my idea is whether this would be good or not for students to learn and if so, what age would be the best for them to be able to learn such things.

I could see it being good in that it is always good for people to know ways of protecting themselves if an altercation occurs.  However, there is also a possibility of students using it in an agressive manner (i.e. not as “self defense”).  Also, I’m not talking self defense in an extreme manner like Krav Maga (see following YouTube video for a demonstration).  Instead just common ways of assessing common problems and dealing with them in a manner which is safe.  Maybe I’m being silly. 

Krav Maga – Insane self defense originating from Israeli.


2 Responses to Self Defense

  1. says:

    I think self-defense should be from the perspective of the student… meaning if you are in a country that is constantly at a semi-war state, it makes sense to learn all forms of combat that one might encounter. I watched with interest as they were training with shooting methods and such. Krav Maga seems to be mostly what works from every other fighting method around so I can certainly see why it would seem to be extreme in Israel!

    Having said that, I think self-defense should be tailored to the actual need as you alluded in your post. Fighting is not pretty and if there were ever to be a doomsday scenario, we would all be doing whatever it took to survive… (I’ve digressed again).

    What I am trying to say is karate or any other form of fighting can be abused but when you are signing your kid up for lessons… do a little research to verify what they are learning is inline with your ideas.

    As for when to start – that is tough… younger students tend to quit after a few years but learn valuable lessons… older students and young adults can get more out of the lessons but may not be interested unless they have had some bad experiences.

    You might like my post called, “How to Evaluate a School” at because I talk about the decision making process based on your goals.


    John W. Zimmer

  2. mike p says:

    Starting the earlier the better I say! Finding the right school is very important though. Sometimes it is really hard to find a martial arts school that is right for you in your area. Krav maga is great though. I wouldn’t rule it out. Many martial arts can give a false sense of security. Krav maga brings to the forfront the deadly aspects of fighting.\ and that nothing is 100%.

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