Data and Technology


Does it ever occur to you that that while you are sitting at a computer and say, surfing the web, that millions and millions of calculations are taking place with just zeros and ones?   Broken down into its lowest form of a bit, “a bit of storage is like a light switch; it can be either on (1) or off (0). A single bit is a one or a zero, a true or a false, a “flag” which is “on” or “off”. 

For most people it would be a daunting task to take a program they use everyday, say an e-mail client such as Outlook, and even write the pseudocode for it.  From here, imagine writing actual workable source code from scratch that would allow this program to function.   Although even after completion of the previous task, the program code is still not broken down into zeroes and ones, but it gives you an idea of how powerful the process is. 

Joe Rogan has a track on his new cd “Shiny Happy Jihad” in which he gives the premise that there is a disaster and only a room full of average people survive.  He comments that they would do fine  “until shit started breaking” and asks how long it would take someone if they were set in a forest with a hatchet to send an e-mail.  Although it is an extreme example it makes me wonder how many times in a day that I use something and ACTUALLY understand how it was made and how it works.


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