The Wonder Years


The Wonder Years was one of those television shows that I never really watched as a kid even though I was around when it did.  It aired from 1988 to 1993 so I was five to ten at the time.  I remember hearing some kids talk about it at school and vaguely remember watching parts of it but wasn’t a regular viewer of it.

The first time I remember watching it on a regular basis was during a summer between Grade 7 and 8.  It aired two times on CBC in the afternoon and another time at like 2:00 or 3:00 AM.  I remember trying to stay awake to watch these late night episodes and most of the time I either fell asleep or got in shit from my parents for being up so late and then “sleeping in until noon the next day”. 

The show had real moments which other sitcoms seem to ignore.  In one episode, Kevin Arnold is constantly getting yelled at his dad for no reason.  Not until he job shadows with his dad and sees his dad getting yelled at by his boss does he come to understand the reason behind his dad’s frustrations. 

The show does not appear to becoming to DVD any time soon due to the cost of obtaining the rights to the music that aired on the show.  Anyone who has seen the show should remember the classic songs that played on it.  They were songs that were from the generation the show was placed in (1968-1973).  If you can’t remember, this site has a list of songs played in each episode.  The songs played a crucial role in the episode. Another tv show, WKRP in Cincinnati, that featured classic rock songs took them out for the dvd release and many fans were disappointed about this.  Hopefully this does not happen with The Wonder Years if it is released but odds are it will. 

As there are no official dvd releases and I don’t know of any tv stations which play the show regularly, I had to *ahem* find the episodes online.  Many of the episodes are old VHS copies which people have transferred to a computer which normally annoys me but for some odd reason it adds to the nostalgia.  It is like when I was younger and bored I would sometimes dig through old VHS tapes of tv shows I recorded that were now 5+ years old.  Even though they weren’t the best quality, it had the warm feeling of memories from when you were younger that were associated with it which at times were better than the shows.


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