Cell Phones


Is it just me or were there not commercials a few years ago that promised people that you could talk on cell phones and see each other while talking?  Maybe this technology is out but I have personally not seen it yet.   To me it seems that cell phones have progressed too much.

For example, Camera phones have been banned in many places for privacy reasons.  Also for some people text messaging has replaced verbal communication.  When I am at a theatre and I see people text messaging it angers me.  The glow from the god damn cell phone stands out in a dark theatre.  My concentration goes from watching the movie to restraining myself from snapping on the self important jack ass who is sending “sup?” and “lol” messages to their friends.

It is also possible to surf the web on a cell phone and for some that means they have web access anywhere.  This to me is scary in that for some the web has became their main source of interacting with others.  They had to leave the computer sometime and engage with the rest of society but now that they can use the internet anywhere, this physical interaction with others can become even less.

I have a cell phone and I only use it for talking.  I’ve never texted with it but it’s because the phone isn’t capable of doing it.  It’s a second hand phone that I got from a friend for free.  It doesn’t get a digital signal (only analog).  I don’t know if I would text message as it seems to be an emotionless means of communicating.  There have been times I have been talking online and a message came across in a way which wasn’t intended due to there being no tone in someone’s voice to signify what they went.  If it is possible to avoid this, I would like to take that route.


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