Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar – Decision


  WARNING: If you do not want to know the results of the fight, do not read this.

   Like I said in my previous post that I don’t like making predictions because I am normally wrong, I was wrong again.  Mir won the fight. has the following play by play:

 Round 1
Lesnar caught a kick and immediately took Mir down. From half-guard, Lesnar blasted away with elbows and punches. Steve Mazzagatti took a point away from Lesnar for hitting the back of the head. Lesnar dropped Mir with a right hand. Lesnar pounced with punches and had Mir hurt. Mir went for an armbar but Lesnar escaped and continued to tee off. As Lesnar went to posture up, Mir locked on a kneebar that forced Lesnar to tapout at 1:30 of the first.

  Mir was smart and not trying to stand toe to toe with the bigger man and going for a submission.  It reminds me of Fedor Emelianenko’s recent fight against Hong Man Choi where he won by armbar.


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