Saul Williams Interview


I was cleaning up my desktop today and stumbled across a Saul Williams interview on it.  This interview is a few years old and I believe I found it on ThePirateBay but it is no longer there. A few months ago I went looking for it and could not find it anywhere on the internet or my computer.  In a fit of OCD, I went through all my old CD-Rs and DVDS searching for it and could not find it.  I finally gave up and a few weeks later I was on my parent’s computer and it was on it for some odd reason.

Although I posted on Saul Williams not long ago, this interview covers a wide variety of topics which showcases not only Saul’s intellect in regards to the arts but of society in general.  If you have the time (the interview is 38 minutes long) I would suggest you listen to it fully it as I cannot do it justice with just pointing out a few of the things I found interesting.  As well it may differ from one person to the next on what they find interesting in it.

Download it here: Saul William’s Interview [RapidShare Link]

Please note that this interview was recorded at a low volume and I do not know the original source of it.  I googled K103 and came up with many radio stations.  For some reason I believe it was from a Sweden radio show but am not 100% sure.

And if you haven’t heard Saul, here’s the video for the song “List of Demands”:


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