I just finished watching the HBO series “Oz” a few days ago.  While it aired on HBO for six seasons (1997-2003) I did not watch it until it came out to dvd and I saw it on sale for cheap a few months ago.  Once I finished the first season I was hooked and it was all I watched for two months.  I would finish a season, go out and buy the next, until I finished it.  While it did air for six years the series was fairly short with 56 episodes made.  Compare this to a tv show like NYPD Blue which ran for twice as long (12 seasons) but has 261 episodes.  Then again it is common for HBO to have seasons of tv shows with fewer episodes.

I had a friend who raved about the show and initially I was skeptical of it.  Although the show gained lots of attention from the media for the male nudity in it, I’ll admit that I thought that this was an excuse for the show to gain attention.  Sort of like a “shocking” thing to do but didn’t add to the plot.  Once again, the media over hyped this aspect of the show.  Most of the time the nudity that occurs is when a prisoner is thrown into the “hole” and it is not sexual at all.

Towards the end of its run, the show did seem to have some ideas that were a bit unrealistic.  I admit that it is a tv show and not real life but it seemed like the writers may have been running out of ideas (kind of like how The Simpsons have been lately).  However the last season of the show, specifically the last 4 episodes, are amazing and make it worth watching the few unrealistic episodes worthwhile.

Also to anyone who has seen Oz then Juno, was it weird for them to see J.K. Simmons (Vern Schillinger on Oz and less noticable as J.J. Jameson on Spiderman) in the movie?  I know it’s just a role but I got so accustomed to his using of racial slurs in Oz that it was weird seeing him in Juno and not uttering an ethnic slur in every sentence.


3 Responses to Oz

  1. bananatree says:

    Juno was great, and I knew I recognized that guy from somewhere sinister. Also, isn’t the character in the wheelchair now on Lost?

  2. 82muchf00d says:

    Yup. Harold Perrineau is also on Lost

  3. […] I found the first season on DVD for cheap.  What is with HBO and making great tv shows (such as Oz and Lucky Louie)?  I almost feel bad for bitching about them producing the shit bomb “Sex […]

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