Stupid Computers


I was going to write something completely different today but I needed to vent.  My computer has been running slow lately so I decided to do a clean install.  This has put me in a shitty mood.  I backed up everything I needed on a hard drive and reinstalled.  No problems, Windows XP Pro installs fine.  I have a shitty USB wireless card and the drivers for it I backed up.  Well, this hard drive is a 300 gig SATA that XP doesn’t install the drivers for by default.  As I have no Internet I can’t go online and download them for my mobo from Asus.

I end up finally getting the SATA drivers installed (don’t ask me how, it was an hour long process).  I start installing programs that I use and guess what?  I need to download Service Pack 2.  Windows Update doesn’t start the download, I do it manually.  Installed it, reboot.  Install the applications I need and they want me to reboot.

Right now I am downloading Windows Updates… I picked and chose the ones I felt I needed and there were 95 updates .  Currently I am on update 8 of 95 and ready to smash this computer like it was Reginald Denny.


One Response to Stupid Computers

  1. At least you can still blog, LOL.

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