Going Home


“I don’t get back home now much at all
To the hometown much at all
When I do, I still run into people
that I knew
Down at the mall
And nothing’s really changed with them
They all just hang around”
– Tariq – “Dear Liza”

Since it’s reading week I came home for it.  I live in a small town (about 4,500 people) in Southern Alberta.  I’ve lived here for all my life excluding the two years I’ve been away to university.  Same house and everything.  Hell, when I stand on my front lawn I can see the Elementary School I went to for seven years.  Things haven’t changed much, for better or for worse.

I went to a place I use to work at three years ago and run into people who are my age who worked there when I did.  I had this job when I was 16 and worked there until I was 21 and these people started around the same time I did.  Also, I ended up running into a girl I dated in High School who is working at the same place as when we dated.  I have nothing against these people for having the same job for a long period of time.  They have more patience than I do.  It just to me seems like not much has changed.

A few friends I have had since Elementary School have moved away for school or to find work.  I don’t see them or talk to them that much, mostly at holidays.  Like at Christmas, we did the same few things we’ve done the past few years.  Have a few drinks, go to a local public, go toboganning, etc… It almost seems like nothing has changed during this time until the holidays are over and everyone goes back to where they were.

Nothing seems to change at times but in fact things have.  Some of us have finished school and started careers (I’m not one of them).  But whenever anyone is home for holidays, things seem to almost go back to how they were in High School.  None of us are married, engaged or have kids so we don’t have any serious responsibilities during these times and things go back to how they were.  However when I am home and not “everyone” is, it’s almost like a ghost town.  Everything in terms of buildings and places are pretty much the same but it’s not the same atmosphere.  I don’t know why.   


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