Castro Resigns


Castro has resigned today as Cuba’s President.  According to MSNBC.COM “President Bush said he hopes the resignation signals the beginning of a democratic transition, though he doubts that would come about under the rule of another Castro. The State Department denigrated the change as a “transfer of authority and power from dictator to dictator light.””  So basically the trading embargo will continue.  Also I wonder if anything will happen concerning Guantanamo Bay.

I have a feeling that some people in the Southern United States still believe the Cold War is going on and have a “better dead than red” mentality. 

What interested me most about that article was the above picture of Castro.  I noticed he’s wearing an Adidas vest which I find odd (although it is red).  I’ll admit that it is pretty sad that this is what got most of my attention in the article but I find it weird that a Socialist leader is wearing clothing made by one of the largest sports manufacturers in the world.   


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