Doug Stanhope


Doug Stanhope is a comedian that some may recognize for his stint on The Man Show with Joe Rogan for a year.  Also some may recognize him for doing a few Girls Gone Wild videos.  It is somewhat ironic that this is how he has got most of his exposure and he refers to these two projects as being absolute shit.

He is a comedian that many critics have referred to as being similiar to the late Bill Hicks.  I find that while Hicks was almost philosophical at certain points, Stanhope has stated in interviews that he is just a comic and that no one should take him to seriously.   However Stanhope was planning on running as a presidential candidate for the USA election in 2008 as a Libertarian Candidate but had to pull out because of legal reasons (such as candidates are not allowed to paid while campaigning and his standup comedy shows could be considered as a method of campaigning). 

In case you are interested, here’s a set of his taped for XM radio in 2006.  Be aware that this is NSFW and some people may find it offensive: Doug Stanhope – Live at Wise Acres (2006) (Rapidshare link)


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