Lindsay Lohan, Playboy Magazine and Other Celebrities


According to a New York Post gossip columnist (which we all know is a reliable source for information) Playboy has offered Lindsay Lohan to pose for its magazine.  Apparently she appeared in some magazine doing a famous Marilyn Monroe piece where she posed nude.  Obviously I’m not going to post these pictures or links to them but if you are so inclined to find them a simple Google search will probably show them up.

Once again this may only be a rumor.  I remember when they offered Britney Spears quite a bit of cash and she refused to do it.  Now it seems like every few days there are posts and pictures on celebrity blogs (such as The Superficial and What Would Tyler Durden Do) of her and Lindsay Lohan that involve them wearing minimal, if any clothing.  Some of these posts are more explicit then what would appear if they did agree to pose for Playboy.  However since they are Hollywood celebrities they will probably not agree to do the magazine even though more explicit photos exist of them.  Why?  Most likely they will say because of “integrity” reasons but I think it’s more likely that they are Hollywood numb skulls.  I mean, Lindsay Lohan is on her way to being washed up if she isn’t already.  Want proof?  Watch I Know Who Killed Me.  I’ve seen better acting done in Junior High drama classes.  Who am I kidding, I didn’t even watch the entire movie. 

In my opinion it is someone’s choice to do what they want with their body if they are an adult.  However, it seems like washed up celebrities such as Tiffany and Debbie Gibson agree to do Playboy only when they are trying to revive their career.  Earlier on they refuse to do such things but when they need the career boost they do it.  It seems like everytime they agree to do these shoots they say it’s because Playboy agrees to do shoots that are classy and artful.    Alright, fair enough.  But why didn’t they agree to do them earlier on when they were offered and only decide to pose when their careers are at the same spot Corey Haim’s is? 


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