Sex Sells and Sensationalism


It is a well known fact that sex sells.  I posted earlier today about Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities in regards to Playboy Magazine without putting much thought into how many hits I would get.  While my hits aren’t through the roof, I would say that 90-95% of the traffic I have got in the past 7-8 hours has been from searches dealing with “lindsay lohan playboy pictures”.  As a side note, I once got a hit from someone searching for “two girls one cup full video” which gave them the post I did on YouTube and 15 Minutes of Fame.  I wonder if they were disappointed.

I don’t know if I have said the before but I am doing this blog for a class on Sociology and Cyberspace.  Hopefully I will continue it after the class is done as I enjoy doing it.  In class on Wednesday we were talking about ways of increasing “hits” to our sites as there is a 5% bonus to the top 5 blogs in terms of hits.  This would be a nice bonus but I’m not trying to actively seek such traffic by writing on top 10 lists, sex, celebrities or current events.  I find it more enjoyable and a bigger a challenge to write on things that are interest to me.  

This isn’t to say that I am attacking people who do these things.  In fact, more power to them for knowing what people want and being able to write on it.  Instead I find that I like to write on topics that I enjoy and they quite often aren’t the most popular things.  The writing of this blog is enjoyable and challenging.  I have written two other blogs and my style on those blogs are quite different.  To be blunt they consist[ed] of offensive writing often laced with profanities.  With this blog I am trying not to swear as much.

Sensationalism sells and I think this idea can be transferred over to some blogs.  I don’t watch a lot of tv news anymore and don’t read the newspaper as much as I should.  The last few times I’ve watched it I can’t tell if it is news or Entertainment Tonight or a bastardization of both. 


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