Neil Young – Greendale


Neil Young’s 2003 album “Greendale” is probably one of my favorite records.  It is one of those albums that I find that I listen to from start to finish without skipping any tracks.  It has been called an “audio novel” and it definently is a concept album of sorts.  It tells the story of the Green family and problems that begin to emerge within their lives.  Different songs have different view points of the family and what is going on which makes it like a novel. 

There are two versions of the album available.  One of the versions has Neil Young doing an acoustic performance of all the songs in Ireland and the other contains a live performance of Neil Young and Crazy Horse performing the album while the film version of Greendale plays along.

One of the things I really like about this album is that it doesn’t sound like it came out in 2003.  By that I mean it has a rough guitar sound to it and the volume of it is not pushed to the limit.  Also there are certain parts in which there are ‘mistakes’ in it such as guitar licks being a bit off or pitchy.  I like this because it is obvious that a guitar part was not just copy and pasted through out the entire track in Pro Tools.  Actually I believe the band played the song all the way through and that’s how it was recorded minus overdubs and vocals.  This gives the album character as it isn’t all shiny and polished, it’s rough like a Neil Young album should be.

There were no music videos made for this album.  However I found this video of Neil Young and Crazy Horse on the Greendale Tour in 2003.  It is part 1 of 20 but I believe you should be able to find all the parts of the concert using this one link.  I might be wrong but I believe he played the album the entire way through on this tour.


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