Six-legged Octopus and Eight Limbed Girl

art_hexapus.jpg has a story today about how English marine biologists have found a six-legged octopus which they state that the “missing limbs stem from a birth defect”.  It is the first documented time that this has occured with an octopus.  Maybe the octopus is an example of a genetic mutation that is evolutionary superior to other octopi. 


I feel kind of like a jack ass but when I first heard of this story I thought of the eight limbed baby.  Some felt it represented the Indian goddess Vishnu because of the 8 limbs.  Scientists believe that it is an example of a parasitic twin joined with the girl.  The girl had surgery to remove these 2 extra arms and 2 extra legs that she was unable to use.  I wonder if she will have a normal life physically after the operation.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like these sort of cases are occuring more and more.  Is it something to do with radiation or maybe it just is that the world is smaller through mediums such as the internet and we hear more about these things.


25 Responses to Six-legged Octopus and Eight Limbed Girl

  1. kayla says:

    wow that is scary

  2. Michael Hall says:

    I want my kid to look like that.

  3. eliza xox says:

    to Michael Hall:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! =]]

    My comment:

    poor girl. still, st least she can amputate them, but if you are missing limbs they can’t be grown back.

  4. tayler says:

    oh that is really sad i am so sorry

  5. john says:

    thats some sick stuff

  6. carmen says:

    thats sad there is alot of mutation going on its carzy ppl need to do something about it befor it gets worst. it can get pertty ulgy. ppl could get 8heads and 1 arm HUE how would you feel its horrable. KIDS ARE DIEING THE PREZ NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

  7. katie says:

    wow that is sooooooo sad

  8. ): says:

    It accually a conjoined twin just one was born with out the head ): Not sure if thats in the aritcal.

  9. ALeJAndRA says:


  10. Rod says:

    Its not a baby! Its a OCTOPUS! =D She’s gonna be in Spiderman 9

  11. Willy says:



  12. Eveleyn says:

    oh my goodness, that poor child!!!! 😦
    i do hope she is able to lead a normal,healthy life. though if she ever has children of her own…. she runs the risk of passing the defect on to them.
    the poor dear…

  13. ;( says:

    wow that is so sad 😦
    i feel so sad for that child, it has to suck. im guessing (based on the x-ray view) that the second set of arms and legs without a head are part of a second unborn twin

  14. Kimberlyn says:

    How does she pee?

  15. jake hummy says:


  16. HITLER says:

    wow thts ugly call me…

  17. goyotofo says:

    i feel sorry for this girl and i think that this has something to when she was still unborn! this is really unfair and i hope she can le=ive a normal life with a husband and maybe a family(when she grows up)

  18. goyotofo says:

    she can “live” i mean

  19. "Acually Factually" says:

    WELLLL! The 8 limbed girl is not a mutation. it is a parasidic twin that never sperates. It’s like the inbetween for conjoined twins and a single person.

  20. Abigail says:

    LMAOOOOOO _ thats a very ugly girl ;;

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