South Park


South Park Season 12 begins on March 12, 2008.  It is one of the few shows that has had a long run on television that I still watch.  I use to be a huge fan of The Simpsons but for some reason, it doesn’t interest me as much anymore.  The writing and plots aren’t bad they just seem too generic in a sense.  As for Family Guy, well if you ever saw the episode of South Park where they make fun of Family Guy, that’s what it has become. 

I realized during the writing of this blog that I have no way of watching the new South Park other than downloading it.  Although I do have cable and access to other television shows I tend to download tv episodes more than I watch them on television.  I don’t really know the reason why I do this either.  Maybe because there isn’t commercials in tv shows that are downloaded and/or the ability to play/pause them and watch them whenever I want. 

This led me to think about if something is eventually going to happen to combat this downloading of television shows.  I don’t mean legal action as I believe the stopping of downloading television shows will never completely occur.  A large portion of revenue for television networks comes from commercials and with these downloaded shows the commercials are cut out.  Instead I was thinking if television networks would end up trying to make revenue through the use of product placements in popular television shows.  It has already occured but I am wondering if it will amped up a bit and reach a point of ridiculousness.


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