Pitch Correction on a Polyphonic Level


Pitch correction is a process in which out of tune notes are corrected to sound in tune.  Primarily it is used in recording albums where if a certain note is out of tune, software can be used to correct it.  This is controversial to some musicians as they feel it allows singers who do not possess a great voice to come off sounding like they do.  However this was only done with a single note until now.

I was sent this a link yesterday that pointed me to video demonstrating Melodyne’s Direct Note Access.  It amazed me what it is capable of.  An example they give is say a guitar is playing a C major triad (C E G).  The program is able to analyze each individual note within the chord.  This allows the editing of a note within the chord such as its pitch, timing, note lengths, etc…  That means this C major triad could be changed into a C minor triad (C Eb G) simply by moving the pitch of the E note while the tonal qualities of the original C major triad remains. 

The video best demonstrates what is possible with the program and isn’t theoretical.  It is amazing and scary at the same time.  While some of my favorite musicians keep the mistakes they make on their albums (such as Neil Young or Tom Waits) it also allows musicians to remove say an open string ringing by accident in a chord in what would otherwise be a perfect take.

Any thoughts on this?


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