Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament


Yesterday I competed in my first kickboxing and grappling tournament.  Although I got my ass kicked in it, I am still some what happy with my results.  It’s a weird feeling to have someone swinging at you and trying to remain calm and for the most part I did it.  Other than some sore shins from blocking some kicks I was fine.  I got defeated in the first round in the kickboxing division but the guy who beat me went on to win so that was reassuring in a way.  In the grappling division I again was defeated in the first round but it was from a guy who I’ve grappled with before.  We tend to trade submissions meaning that he wins one, I win one, etc… so once again it was kind of nice to know that.


One Response to Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament

  1. fouledout says:

    so the kickboxing fight was different from the grappling? it wasn’t an MMA fight? i would love to try MMA!

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