Kristin Davis Sextape and Publicity


Apparently there is a “leaked” Kristin Davis sextape according to  It seems like so many celebrities have these tapes and for some reason they are found right before something is released to garner publicity.  In this case it’s the Sex and the City movie.  I don’t think many guys are going to see it and if they do it is with their girlfriend.  I had the unfortunate opportunity to watch this show because my girlfriend at the time was obsessed with it.  I personally thought nothing could get more painful to watch than the show “Friends” but I was wrong.

It seems like celebrities are using sex tapes to get their washed up careers back into the spotlight (or to get into the spotlight).  For examples, see Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, China, etc…  It just seems like a “coincidence” that this video suddenly emerges right before the release of the bound to be shitty Sex in the City movie.  Or maybe I am just too much of a pessimist.


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