I have started watching the tv show Carnivale after I found the first season on DVD for cheap.  What is with HBO and making great tv shows (such as Oz and Lucky Louie)?  I almost feel bad for bitching about them producing the shit bomb “Sex and the City”, but not quite.

The show takes place during the 1930’s depression in the southern United States.  A carnivale goes from town to town but some of the characters have special powers such as being able to heal, see the past or future and to see into dreams.   It has a gothic feel to it and an intriguing and captivating story line.  In this way it reminds me of arguably my favorite tv series of all time “Twin Peaks“.

The only actor on the show I recognized was Michael J. Anderson who is a dwarf actor.  This is kind of weird because I recognize him from the show Twin Peaks and Carnivale kind of reminds me of this show. 


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  1. Jamie says:

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