Drama at the University

I don’t know if it is known through out the University but recently a class I am enrolled in has had some drama.  In the University newspaper there is the section titled “Three Lines Free” where students can anonymously write in.  I don’t read the paper so I didn’t know about this until a department head came in and told the situation and cancelled the class.  The comments in the paper were also specifically directed at the teacher as the class name was included.

While I personally did not entirely agree with something that the teacher did that may have started this whole situation, I don’t condone people attacking an instructor personally.  If someone has a problem with someone’s teaching style I can understand that but do not attack someone’s private life.  Also I don’t see why people do things anonymously.  It almost seems like in High School that people had more of a backbone to say something to an instructor’s face if they had a problem with something.  Now that we are in post-secondary education and supposedly “mature” we tend to hide behind things

Although it is only rumors, there were people saying the class might be cancelled.  If this happens I will be severely screwed as I need this course and two more classes which are being taken in the summer semester in order to receive my degree.  I need this degree because I am applying to the Faculty of Education at other institutes and if I do not get it, I will have to wait another year to reply.


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