NES Game Prices

As I mentioned in other blogs I grew up with Nintendo.  It could be argued that it was pretty much a babysitter for me (out of my own choice).  Looking back, I’m surprised I am not more out of shape as from Grade 1 – Grade 8 all I really did was play video games.  Now with emulation it’s almost as bad seeing as I can play all these games I didn’t have a chance to as a kid on my Xbox.  But I’m older and much wiser.

Anywho, I found this website called Video Game Price Charts which shows how much certain video games go for.  Being a Nintendo nerd I went to the sections for NES games and SNES games.  I’m pissed off at myself because I gave these games away to my sister and tossed out the boxes and instructional manuals for them a few years ago.  Like Zombies Ate My Neighbors is selling for $15 and Super Mario Kart is selling for $22.  I bought both of these games for less than that.  I could have made money, damn it.  I guess it’s time to keep all my game boxes from now on. 


One Response to NES Game Prices

  1. david says:

    Need prices one these games.To the earth, Strider.Karate champ, Skate or Die,batman,Baseball, Double Dragon, Double gradon 2,Wings, Kung Fu, Base Wars, Zelda gold, Wings, Draculas Curse 3, Rambo,Double dribble,california Games,Tale spin, Dragon Power,Super bowl, Dungeons and Dragons Hero of the lance, Bigfoot,Major League Baseball,Mega Man 3

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