Whatever Happened to Skee-lo?

It seems like almost everyone has got a shitty gift at one point in their lives.  While my grandma has bought me some cds that surprised me (such as Sublime’s self-titled album) she also had bought me a few cds which I initially thought were jokes.  If you are reading this blog I’m pretty sure you know the album is Skee-lo’s “I Wish”.

I remember not minding the song when it came out but the rest of the album is horrible.  It’s almost like a parody of a rap album.  It seems like Skee-lo hasn’t done much since this album came out in 1995.  He released an album in 2000 and that’s about it.  Maybe I’m being optimistic but I think Skee-lo’s busy in the studio crafting what he believes to be the next “Pet Sounds“.  It’s more likely that it will have more in common with “Metal Machine Music” though.

Here’s the video in all it’s uhh… ‘glory’:


9 Responses to Whatever Happened to Skee-lo?

  1. abe says:

    possibly the best one-hit wonder ever!

  2. tito says:

    look g, skee lo’s album was actually good lyrically and had nice beats……no curses on the album so peeps didnt consider it gangsta enuff (ignorant fools) and he wasnt a movie star so cudnt get away wit it like will smith( whose lyrics by the way are very poor)……….skee lo was waaaaaaaaaaay better than any mc out now

  3. dj muffin says:

    go and listen to soulja boy dickhead

    skee-lo’s one of the best rappers alive…too bad he got out of the mainstream for not rapping bout money cars & bitches

    although he kinda sold out with at the mall

  4. style skills says:

    Dude. the album was great. your a fucking hater. go make an album of your own. assfuck.

  5. wordblue says:

    So many opinions… but honestly the lyrics were some of the best out at the time. The brotha was on par with the likes of Lupe Fiasco. Dj Muffin was right.. if you’re not rapping about money, cars, drugs, and “bitches”… you’re not gonna make it in the mainstream. Too bad.

  6. Well, i think skee lo was great, his one album – i wish, had great hits, crenshaw, this is how it sounds etc.. on top of the stairs.. go suck lil waynes dick haters, all these bitch ass mainstream faggits lil wayne, soulja bitch, fuck jay z too nigga, SKEE LO NIGGA, 408 NIGGA , 408 to 702 NIGGAS

  7. Slow'P says:

    Skee-lo will crush any rapper alive lyricaly only if he was at Def Jam or Death Raw Records we were gonna see more,like they say good music is heard by good musicians,but halla i feel do mr.9mm with bad aim

  8. Butchzn says:

    Skeee-lo def got swallowed by the gansta rap era. The dude had tight rhymes and i really dug his style and flow. may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but i think he was good man. my 2 cents anyway 🙂

  9. DJ Prezence says:

    Dear Blogger, I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you’ve never made a hit song in your life let alone an entire album to compliment that song. Am I wrong? If you’re gonna be so close minded about an album, you’ve picked the wrong artist. Skee Lo’s debut album was better than I could of thought. Yea it got everyone’s attention with “I Wish”, but it’s a album with a good vibe during a period where violence and rap music were synonymous with each other. I can see I’m not alone in thinking this was a great record and many agree. This opinion comes from a fan of ‘gangsta’ rap. I’ve listened to it all and I still do. Yesterday I actually got a new copy of this cd and I played it all day yesterday and today. Don’t call this album shitty because you didn’t like it. You obviously don’t appreciate inventive rap.

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