Joe Rogan and Isolation Tanks

March 13, 2008


Joe Rogan has put up a new blog post in which he talks about isolation tanks.  I’ll let you visit the link if you are interested.  I’ve posted on it before.

 One quote from his blog that stood out for me is the following:

“I want to live my life in a way that, were I not me, and I saw that behavior, it would inspire me to be a better person.”
I know that sounds like some hippy, trippy horseshit, but isn’t it possible to live like that? Wouldn’t it make the world a far nicer place to live if everyone came to the true realization that the only way to truly be happy in this life is if you’re nice to other people?
Because truly, that is the only way, and if you ask basically anyone in the world what he or she wants most in life, it’s to be happy. Happy and in love, that’s the best feelings life has to offer, and the only people that want anything other than that, are the kind of people that need happiness and love the most.


Real Life “Iceman”

March 7, 2008

I’m in a hurry to do some things today so I will leave you with this interesting article I was sent today.  Basically it is about this guy who can do things at extremely low temperatures that would probably kill other people:

Six-legged Octopus and Eight Limbed Girl

March 5, 2008

art_hexapus.jpg has a story today about how English marine biologists have found a six-legged octopus which they state that the “missing limbs stem from a birth defect”.  It is the first documented time that this has occured with an octopus.  Maybe the octopus is an example of a genetic mutation that is evolutionary superior to other octopi. 


I feel kind of like a jack ass but when I first heard of this story I thought of the eight limbed baby.  Some felt it represented the Indian goddess Vishnu because of the 8 limbs.  Scientists believe that it is an example of a parasitic twin joined with the girl.  The girl had surgery to remove these 2 extra arms and 2 extra legs that she was unable to use.  I wonder if she will have a normal life physically after the operation.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like these sort of cases are occuring more and more.  Is it something to do with radiation or maybe it just is that the world is smaller through mediums such as the internet and we hear more about these things.

Data and Technology

January 27, 2008


Does it ever occur to you that that while you are sitting at a computer and say, surfing the web, that millions and millions of calculations are taking place with just zeros and ones?   Broken down into its lowest form of a bit, “a bit of storage is like a light switch; it can be either on (1) or off (0). A single bit is a one or a zero, a true or a false, a “flag” which is “on” or “off”. 

For most people it would be a daunting task to take a program they use everyday, say an e-mail client such as Outlook, and even write the pseudocode for it.  From here, imagine writing actual workable source code from scratch that would allow this program to function.   Although even after completion of the previous task, the program code is still not broken down into zeroes and ones, but it gives you an idea of how powerful the process is. 

Joe Rogan has a track on his new cd “Shiny Happy Jihad” in which he gives the premise that there is a disaster and only a room full of average people survive.  He comments that they would do fine  “until shit started breaking” and asks how long it would take someone if they were set in a forest with a hatchet to send an e-mail.  Although it is an extreme example it makes me wonder how many times in a day that I use something and ACTUALLY understand how it was made and how it works.

Sensory Deprivation

January 24, 2008


A friend of mine sent me a link yesterday on how six volunteers allowed themselves to be “shut inside a cell in a nuclear bunker, alone and in the dark” for four days.  This article is from a BBC documentary called Horizon: Total Isolation which I have unfortunately not been able to see yet.  It is interesting to note that sensory deprivation is sometimes used on prisoners as a means of torture or punishment.

My interest in sensory deprivation probably first started after seeing the film “Altered States“.  Although the movie is fictional and many of the hallucinations are brought on by the use of drugs, I did some researched and realized that these hallucinations are possible without the use of drugs.  In the movie they use a isolation tank in order to achieve sensory deprivation.

Probably the best explanation I’ve heard on the experience of how it feels to use an isolation tank was done by Joe Rogan [Probably NSFW – due to language].  It interests me in that the experience a user feels is often brought about by their mindset.  If a person is being positive they will most likely have a good experience; if they are being negative they will most likely have a bad trip.

On a daily basis we are constantly bombarded with different forms of stimuli.  Comedian Doug Stanhope has a rant where he comments on how his attention span is so short and that CNN has two ticker tapes running while a story is going on just because we can’t keep interest.  I wonder sometimes if this is true and if it is a reason for so many people on medication for attention disorders or if it is just being over diagnosed.  It might just be me but I can remember when I use to be able to sit down and read for a few hours without being distracted or my mind wandering.  This coincidentally was also before I had the Internet.  Sometimes I wonder if the brain has become in a way addicted to this constant change and if it goes for a certain period of time without any change happening that it does something to achieve it.

It would be interesting to see how most people would react if they were put in a situation similiar to the one in Horizon: Total Isolation.  I don’t think many of us realize how hooked up we are and dependent upon outside stimuli and that it probably wouldn’t take us long to crack. 

“Human beings are just a complicated form of bacteria”

January 13, 2008

Joe Rogan (yes, the Fear Factor host) isn’t as well known for his comedy.  On his 2007 DVD, Joe Rogan Live, he begins with a rant on how humans are just a complicated form of bacteria (Link – NSFW (language)).  Although this is not a new idea (Howard Bloom addresses this idea in two books: “The Lucifer Principle” and “The Global Brain” and got the idea from this else where), I find it interesting that Rogan’s dvd begins with something so, well, serious.  While his comments on this topic can be viewed as pessimistic, there is no doubt in my mind that his cynicism is in some part true. 

Technology does not equal stability.