NES Game Prices

April 5, 2008

As I mentioned in other blogs I grew up with Nintendo.  It could be argued that it was pretty much a babysitter for me (out of my own choice).  Looking back, I’m surprised I am not more out of shape as from Grade 1 – Grade 8 all I really did was play video games.  Now with emulation it’s almost as bad seeing as I can play all these games I didn’t have a chance to as a kid on my Xbox.  But I’m older and much wiser.

Anywho, I found this website called Video Game Price Charts which shows how much certain video games go for.  Being a Nintendo nerd I went to the sections for NES games and SNES games.  I’m pissed off at myself because I gave these games away to my sister and tossed out the boxes and instructional manuals for them a few years ago.  Like Zombies Ate My Neighbors is selling for $15 and Super Mario Kart is selling for $22.  I bought both of these games for less than that.  I could have made money, damn it.  I guess it’s time to keep all my game boxes from now on. 


Crayon Physics

March 2, 2008


Every once in a while a game comes out that is a simple idea but very creative.  One such game is Crayon Physics.  It is even more amazing when you realize that the game was designed in under a week.  The idea behind the game is to get a ball to a star by drawing shapes.  While it sounds very simplistic it is something you have to see or try to understand it.  If you want to see a video of  what the game is like, check out the bottom video.  Please note that the game is available for a free download on the site.  Although the programmer refers to it sas a “quick and ugly prototype of that game”.  However it is still playable and I found it very fun

Here’s a video of Crayon Physics Deluxe.  It isn’t available yet but gives you an idea of how the programmer improved on the first.  I can’t wait for it.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

February 13, 2008


I recently got Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the Nintendo DS and have been really enjoying it.  At first I was skeptical by it as the story appears to be cartoonish and almost appears to be targetting a younger audience.  However once I started playing the game I realized it wasn’t for kids.

The story is a mystery with puzzles thrown in.  It sounds odd just explaining it and often the puzzles seem to have little to do with the actual story.  However for some reason it keeps my attention.  The puzzles range in difficulty and some of them I find extremely hard, but maybe it’s just me.

It is probably easier to watch this video if you are interested in the game than for me to ramble on about it.

Every NES Game!

February 9, 2008


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I grew up on the original NES.  I found a site the other day which claims to have “every Nintendo, Sega, Gameboy game and more!”.  On this site you can play these games through a Flash emulator.  The site is .  I haven’t spent much time on the site but it worked fine for me.  My only complaint is that the games are in a small window but it might be possible to play them fullscreen.

Another site I found amusing that relates to the NES is Speed Demos Archive.  The site is dedicated to not just the NES but all different systems in which players find and compete the quickest way to beat a game.  This is somewhat misleading as often these runs are done with a player finding glitches in the game or piecing together the best times they get for each level and using them as a speed run.  For more info on speed runs, here’s a faq.

Here is an example of a speed run in Super Mario Brothers 3.  It is completed in just over 11 minutes.

The Original NES

January 19, 2008


I was a kid of the 1980s and most of it I forgot.  This is except for one thing: Nintendo.  I can remember the day I got (Dec. 25, 1989), the first game I got besides the Mario/Duck Hunt game that came with the system (Tetris) and the first game I rented (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link).  For some odd reason I can barely remember the names of all the teachers I had from Elementary through to Grade Four but I can remember all this useless knowledge. 

I don’t really play video games that much anymore.  I own a Nintendo DS and an XBox (the original) and that’s about it.  One of the big reasons I lost interest in video games is that the controls and games have become too complicated.  That’s not to say I don’t like complicated games, I enjoy some RPGS and love Civilization.  But if I want to play a sports game I don’t have the time now to memorize 40 different button combinations; I just want to jump into the game and play.  With Nintendo games you knew what was going on right away for the most part.  With only a direction button and two buttons (minus select and start) you knew what to do after only hitting a few buttons and could jump right into the game.  Sure you can do more things in a newer game but does complexity make it better?

I was able to recognize all of the games in this video besides two or three which means my childhood was lost to Nintendo. 

Angry Video Game Nerd

January 18, 2008


How can you not love a video which intro song includes the lyrics “He’s gonna take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass”?  In this video series the Angry Video Game Nerd reviews video games that, well, suck ass. 

As a kid who grew up with Nintendo I can’t help but sympathize with the Nerd in how awful some of the game were.  My personal favorite is the video on the NES Power Glove.  Many kids were in awe of this piece of hardware and for many of them the first time they saw it was in the horrible movie “The Wizard“.   While it looked cool at the time, looking back on it I want to punch the kid in the face who uses it in the movie.  Not only because he is trying to look cool in a typical 80s fashion but because he fooled thousands of kids into thinking the Power Glove actually worked.

I used the Power Glove and I agree with everything the Nerd says in the video.  Except I’m not as funny and not as vulgar. 

This is definitely NSFW due to language.  But it’s funny.