“Aesopian’s Totally Awesome Journal”

April 3, 2008


Although it hasn’t been updated in a while, I’m a huge fan of Aesopian’s Totally Awesome Journal.  It is a blog that covers brazilian jiu jitsu by providing lessons (through pictures and videos).  Also it has reviews of various seminars that the blogger has attended, books and videos relating to this topic as well as personal events in the bloggers life revoling around jiu jitsu.

My only minor complaint about the site is that a lot of the time it covers techniques that use the gi and I train without one.  However, this is such a slight complaint as many techniques he shows (with the exception of gi related chokes) can be adapted in some ways to no gi rolling. 

Also I really liked this posting in which he linked various positions bjj positions together.  Kind of reminds how Eddie Bravo does this in his books with regards to his techniques.