NES Game Prices

April 5, 2008

As I mentioned in other blogs I grew up with Nintendo.  It could be argued that it was pretty much a babysitter for me (out of my own choice).  Looking back, I’m surprised I am not more out of shape as from Grade 1 – Grade 8 all I really did was play video games.  Now with emulation it’s almost as bad seeing as I can play all these games I didn’t have a chance to as a kid on my Xbox.  But I’m older and much wiser.

Anywho, I found this website called Video Game Price Charts which shows how much certain video games go for.  Being a Nintendo nerd I went to the sections for NES games and SNES games.  I’m pissed off at myself because I gave these games away to my sister and tossed out the boxes and instructional manuals for them a few years ago.  Like Zombies Ate My Neighbors is selling for $15 and Super Mario Kart is selling for $22.  I bought both of these games for less than that.  I could have made money, damn it.  I guess it’s time to keep all my game boxes from now on.